Amalia (thalea88) wrote in euro_heritage,

Hi :)

1) Which country are you from? Greece
2) Are you a citizen of the US? Yes
3) What do you love about your country? I love everything about Greece! The people are so wonderful, the food is delicious, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and most of my family and friends still live there!
4) What do you dislike about the US? I don't like how everything is so busy and fast-paced. It seems like there is no time for simple things.
5) What if anything do you like about the US? There are a lot of opportunities.
6) Were you made fun of as a kid because your parents had accents? A little, and I didn't think it was fair.
7) Which European country (besides your own) are you most interested in visiting? Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, I still have to visit a lot!
8)How did you find out about this community? I searched for communities interested in Europe and Greece.
9) Say something in your language and translate it! Geia sas! (hi or goodbye -- it's the same word!)
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