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I'm from Canada

1) Which country are you from? Canada (Dad from Estonia, Mom Canada).
2) Are you a citizen of the US? No, but have lived here in the US for 30+ years.
3) What do you love about your country? Freedom of thought.
4) What do you dislike about the US? Racism.
5) What if anything do you like about the US? The US is great, not perfect, but who is?
6)Were you made fun of as a kid because your parents had accents? My Dad was I guess, not me.
7) Which European country (besides your own) are you most interested in visiting? Estonia, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Sweden.
8)How did you find out about this community? Searched for ESTONIAN term.
9) Say something in your language and translate it! Tere (hello)
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