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1) Which country are you from?
America. My dad is from Hungary and my mom is from Mexico.

2) Are you a citizen of the US?
Yes, indeedy

3) What do you love about your country?
Hungary:the language, the scenery, the memories *sigh*.. lol
mexico: unfortunatley the only time I went to mexico was when I was little (like 8 if not younger) so I can't really say much about it. :(

4) What do you dislike about the US?
I'm gonna have to agree with yesh_indeedy on the way we have to be politically correct on everything. And it kind of bugs me how on the news you always hear about is how obese americans are. -_-; (cut back on those all you can eat buffets, people! lol)

5) What if anything do you like about the US?
The diversity, options!, and hmm *ponder* TV!

6) Were you made fun of as a kid because your parents had accents?
Nope, not at all. My dad's accent isnt that thick so I dont think anyone noticed. With my mom my friends would just tell me they didnt understand her. And when my grandma talked they thought it was cute.

7) Which European country (besides your own) are you most interested in visiting?
France, England, Greece, italy,czech republic (prague)...EVERYWHERE!!

8) How did you find out about this community?
I was bored so I started looking up interests.

9) Say something in your language and translate it!
I can't spell in hungarian very well, I can spell szeretlek! (I love you! lol)
Spanish: "commo estas, voy a la biblioteca" (how are you, I'm going to the library)
*stands proud* ^_^ hee hee
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