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Hi ppl

1) Which country are you from?
Russia, obviously. Spent most of my early childhood in Moscow

2) Are you a citizen of the US?
Yes I am

3) What do you love about your country?
The language, the people, THE FOOD, the rich culture, the music, and everything else except for the present government.

4) What do you dislike about the US?
The dull, stupid, ignorant, geocentric, and blindly patriotic people,and the government

5) What if anything do you like about the US?
The way everything is much more organized than in Russia, the many cultures, some of the music, and the Chineese food (because the chinese food that they have here is nothing like the food chinese people actually eat, but a totally unique culinary experience)

6)Were you made fun of as a kid because your parents had accents?
I never really had an accent, and I learned English very quickly, so by the time I was in second grade you couldn't tell that I was Russian.

7) Which European country (besides your own) are you most interested in visiting?
Germany (again), Switzerland, England, Italy, and France.

8)How did you find out about this community?
Typed in "Russia" in the interest search.

9) Say something in your language and translate it! (If you speak it, that is!)
Привет, чуваки!=Wassup, dudes?
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