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Bonjour tout le monde!

1) Which country are you from?
My mother is Spanish, my father is French.

2) Are you a citizen of the US?
Yup, born here.

3) What do you love about your country?
Lots of history in both France and Spain, I'm also more attuned to their culture, than the American one, I prefer it. The French and Spanish culture is very carefree, loving, and easy, everyone is family.

4) What do you dislike about the US?
That's easy. I don't feel I belong, it's very uptight, people expect things of you; lots of people are rude (especially at my job). The government is horrible.

5) What if anything do you like about the US?
The diverse cultures and people I've met.

6) Were you made fun of as a kid because your parents had accents?
Oh yeah, and they still do, which is unfortunate. Especially my father's accent--he hardly speaks a word of English, but he tries. I love their accents. <3 It's who they are, and it gives them character.

7) Which European country (besides your own) are you most interested in visiting?
Scotland, Iceland.

8) How did you find out about this community?
I searched 'Gypsies' and this came up.

9) Say something in your language and translate it! (If you speak it, that is!)
Espero acer amigos te todos (I hope to make friends of you all)
Je non suis bon parlant francais (I'm not good with French O_O)
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